Mickey me thin-lyon the top or even plainlyby your attention;by your story,needing is too needyconsider me not unseemlyAgain I wonder for far too longlyjust how odd, awkward, or slicklyyou sent me up cleanlyand yet some are not anything but dirtyhow you deal it and steal it not unlike someone so rooted deeply and formed unquicklyby … Continue reading Cheers

Fishing Without Hooks

Yes, once he sunk his teeth into her cheek, she could never fish properly again She thought (even at times was told) that she was smartand was still tricked and driven so easilyby her “girlie” heart and empathic pity;by his overwhelming possessively sad hostilityToo many times becoming a poisoned prick times three everywhere raisedwell to … Continue reading Fishing Without Hooks


Suspense so great that it confounds my thoughtstightens and tensions What is to come next may bethat something great anticipated(or something that squashes more possibilities than it creates.  Either way, I will not be the same after this! EEEEEE!)I offer memorial here, each word a petal, each sentence a flower, each paragraph a bouquet]- dare I try without a … Continue reading Suspended

In This Dreaming

Sandy pebbles clung between our toesAnd trees bent over the river joining us in afternoon repose Leaves shadows dancing on life filled cool waterThat chair bowedSitting within it, floating down down, worth the walk to skim past cliffside dwellers dangling and scattering from or towards us but here was coolness.  Survival.Revival of the wilted Bodies and spiritsPlunged … Continue reading In This Dreaming