Fishing Without Hooks

Yes, once he sunk his teeth into her cheek, she could never fish properly again She thought (even at times was told) that she was smartand was still tricked and driven so easilyby her “girlie” heart and empathic pity;by his overwhelming possessively sad hostilityToo many times becoming a poisoned prick times three everywhere raisedwell to … Continue reading Fishing Without Hooks

How the End Revealed Itself

I could not compete withthe arms about you [the ones that matter most]this which we had planted is cancelledthe reasons simply statedI have been and but am no morepart of your world enoughto be a part of your futureI leave you to beso we may not be mistakenfor being forsakenor something for the takingyou do … Continue reading How the End Revealed Itself

Heavenly Flow

Her only flawImplied her perfectnessProfoundly and it astounded me[we are so fragile and yet there is sheWho has only one flawAnd even still how tinyThis flaw remainsAnd the mountains said allBy what was abstainedAnd links didn\'t meetTo something as completeAs I shuddered and heardMore than you uttered!My word! My dear! My word!The edge crept closeSipping … Continue reading Heavenly Flow