Pulled from the center with your banter,what buttons you naturally bump into seemingly trying to get through to get a response; to test some reign; I tell you that it\'s all in vainI\'ll have no moreas you\'ll have no more to gainbut something insanean inward gaze after outward tantrum.I love you is a backward echo, … Continue reading Again

That Darling Dear

When there is no oneHereFor that long stretch of time,Things that are usual and likely expressed suffocate into mumbling in-cohesive mumbles jumbled under breath as the audience not met fails to be there for every reason and no reason at all,Just nobody where intimacy live(d)(s) but certain unconcern even in the obvious struggleLack of courage or too much comfort of one\'s bubble … Continue reading That Darling Dear


Three ThreeTimes In rhythm and bedlamIn front ofAnd in piecesMostly the important questionsWere not askedThe crushing dense mercurialSadness and a lonenessCurled in imagined waters beneath visible skin stretchedAs some thing lame \"-trying -too -hard\"forced and insincere Lacking properRelationship and working thingsWho listens anyways?She really would like to knowBecause unicorns were not lost but were released

Tacos Again?

It was an illusionThat I had that completenessOr friendshipOr reciprocityTruth revealedAnd i didn\'t want to seeMyself standing so aloneIn their companyHumiliated by the farce Of relationship I tethered myself toJust shut my mouth AlreadyAs the ridiculous words fell to the the floor and got lost in dog hairAnd dirtBut he listened for a moment Without reflection pastHer Demeanor doneWith … Continue reading Tacos Again?