Silver Spoor

“Silver Spoor” 👣🕵🏻‍♀️💘🐺🐊🚀 “…Of course we’d look good together 
like a croc’ and a ‘gator 
or something else a wee bit safer…” [full poem on link with translation options] #poetry #wordsalad #relationships #kooky #storytelling #distance #love #wisconsinartist #writing #writingpoetry

Our Returning

Our returning was without hesitancya sweetness tinged the fireburning like love carmelizeda fantasy realizedunconscious effortsof finding another waycloserto the damp and promising earthburied and reflecting in eyesreaching when the ropecouldntbefore it broke in it’s untwistingwe could flyif it meant assistingin our preservationForin our grand silencewe were struckas if seeing shadowsof gods behind us


Your lips that pull my attention and your salient voice should share laughter and whether it is with another or each other, it is wished for. At times I wonder if I remember, or will need to remember, how to kiss or be kissed. For a brief silly moment I thought I would try to … Continue reading levels

Stand With Me

because i need you to because you need me too also because we have everything we need and we are in easy control to laugh at speed, space, or time and anything that turns on our dime. this could be love or regret oh shit, now i forget.not yet?not yet.let’s not forgetwhat we were laughing … Continue reading Stand With Me

Old Lovers

Old lovers; dying to see each otherLovers; dying to see each otherDying to see each otherDying to seeDying;[leaving that corner...misshapened, chilled, hollow]And all I could muster wasIt was a good dreamIt was good to dreamIt was good to dream with youIt was good with youIt was goodIt wasn't good dying It wasn't good dying with … Continue reading Old Lovers


Hold meDon\'t want mehold hold holdwrap me uplet me belet me crydon\'t ask whyjust wrap me upI can\'t feel this feelingalone againkeep me safejust a little whileI don\'t wantAnything else right now(3/94  J.E. Todd)

(small town)

She got her wishbut it was the one she hadn\'t thought out well enoughin fact it turned out to be something else entirelynot fluffy and nostalgicbut rusty wired and narrowsuffering from more than one arrownarrowly escaping I,indeed one was tragically lost,before even called our second dearthis is my heart holding that soul\'s tearthe kind held … Continue reading (small town)

Affinity Missed

While you are close and your breath falls to shoulderThis mind races with the sensationof souls commingling... here and now I am yoursendeavoring to join you in anythingyou are venturing towardswhat is this skin to skinbut electrons dancingbodies respondingswirling (mingling merging, blended in the mixture of) emotionsboth mine and yoursof all you are and all … Continue reading Affinity Missed