Old Lovers

Old lovers; dying to see each otherLovers; dying to see each otherDying to see each otherDying to seeDying;[leaving that corner...misshapened, chilled, hollow]And all I could muster wasIt was a good dreamIt was good to dreamIt was good to dream with youIt was good with youIt was goodIt wasn't good dying It wasn't good dying with … Continue reading Old Lovers

Silent Injustices

What a terrible series of battering must have happened to make a monster like that; disregarding pain in pleasure, chewing relentlessly on another's confidence and accomplishments... To this dim light dying in the dark, this love; this uncomplicated fuel, is for you. I see you in there. In corners and cracks, under shoes and without … Continue reading Silent Injustices


Audio Version [Dear] An artist runs naked becomes known and revealed Here it stands, raised in fate uncertainly sealed A flag of you, A marker made a ready-made serenade? Would you know me in the dark; Broken in pieces, fallen all apart? I saw you before we never met; in every man that quickened my … Continue reading Flagged


This rosebecameLove\'s plant jacket.That rosewasLove\'scasket keeper.I have no ideawhat this one is.This daisy was my favorite;    With or without all the petals; Even slightly chewed;And crumpled or headlessDandelionsfrom sticky but so beautifully tiny Hands.


Then let me be Within the misshapenPieces jumbledWithin these insufficient Memories A ghost, a shadowOf once was and could have beenWould it wreck youTo knowWould it wreck meTo knowAll that comes togetherMisshapen and allMay be tears of laughter And soul shaking despairAnd new found fears From the loss of all those yearsAnd to the years left to bea voyeur to … Continue reading Ashes

Hearts and Parts

Prominently Your melancholy heart laid dripping though pulsing stillas you painted the pain stainingyour steps taken in Breath given under bloodied lipsyour pain apparent of This body broken under darkened weightsof punches taken And those given (either recklessly or unceremoniously dealt)promising welts at that time and maybe sinceenough to make you wince*I challenge* That your … Continue reading Hearts and Parts


Dance with meIn words with witWe understandTogether still;Never blandIt\'s understood:Apart we WiltHere it is(((Today)))BlessedMade whole [holy]Your words aloneLifting me [Her Tipsiness] to lips in [deserved?] readiness This simple Act transformingHaving summonedSomething enigmaticRests on hand as delicate as The molting thingsIn their beginningsWet and unfurlingUnhurried [but in the grand picture-quickly still]Wings outstretchingSoon testingStrengthBeliefTo thy soul\'sGreatest reliefGood grief...-May 2016 JETodd 

Hypnagogic Vision

What if I answered the question As if it was asked? By someone who demanded an answer. Fuck, that's it. Let this experiment rip. To the one(s) arriving(again) soon I want. I am afraid That if i speak it Define it and truly want it That it won't come That I am not enough [yet? … Continue reading Hypnagogic Vision

Tangling Toward

I desire to taste your being with mine Under sheets of gravitational lulls where together is easy and apart stays eternally difficult A reverse catapult Where love comes closer when one attempts flinging it further tethered and bungee-ed  and properly flagged in red (I know you Heard, what my heart said)    


No longer from But toward tickled & pinked Your beautiful way Swayed Lifted up and out of shell Once Slept in Hollow clicking bouncing Thrice Then arms [or thick fingers] Pulled me slickly; Quickly (maybe but not stickily) From Something rickety; Tippy which Rumbled then crumbled Beneath Plucked justly? in time? [I have no rhyme] … Continue reading Beginning