The courage takento stand before youthe nerves upendedto be suspendedin time before youin hopes not to boreAnd not be judged by what I woreI have only been honestsharing my weaknessfor the good of the wholewhy would you throwanger and contemptat an incomplete storyyou had obviously not hearda single wordfor what was meantperseverating on what you thought you heardinstead … Continue reading Surmised


what wouldn\'t reveal but would paint its likeness with these disharmonious buttons?I will bare all to say that the worst for me would be to be misunderstoodForEach thought is weighed and noted and sifted and sorted and considered as thoroughly as one shouldIt\'s already there,It\'s already in me.  I am not lackinganything I am needing. to convey what I intend for you to hear. … Continue reading Undergoing