Our Returning

Our returning was without hesitancya sweetness tinged the fireburning like love carmelizeda fantasy realizedunconscious effortsof finding another waycloserto the damp and promising earthburied and reflecting in eyesreaching when the ropecouldntbefore it broke in it’s untwistingwe could flyif it meant assistingin our preservationForin our grand silencewe were struckas if seeing shadowsof gods behind us

Silent Injustices

What a terrible series of battering must have happened to make a monster like that; disregarding pain in pleasure, chewing relentlessly on another's confidence and accomplishments... To this dim light dying in the dark, this love; this uncomplicated fuel, is for you. I see you in there. In corners and cracks, under shoes and without … Continue reading Silent Injustices

Declarative Statement (or a lot of -still- ness)

Audio Version: Declarative Statement (or a lot of -still- ness) Photo by Tobi on Pexels.com {yikes} Okay,  that was read on a heavy day with a heavy heart okay, I admit. I don't [want to?] get it   Must mystery be  if we must part please I ask you do not replace  mystery for mystery … Continue reading Declarative Statement (or a lot of -still- ness)


I am the stone beneath the wheel of stars. No matter where I stand, I am looking up. I am a feather upon the wind that sings the song of the voiceless. I am the breath that calls forth the thunder and lightning I run along the ground like shadows playing with tumbleweeds, scattering the … Continue reading Mystery

(small town)

She got her wishbut it was the one she hadn\'t thought out well enoughin fact it turned out to be something else entirelynot fluffy and nostalgicbut rusty wired and narrowsuffering from more than one arrownarrowly escaping I,indeed one was tragically lost,before even called our second dearthis is my heart holding that soul\'s tearthe kind held … Continue reading (small town)