This Cocoon With Room

“…Wondering of your plaid history; 
your holding, your loving, your scolding
what fuel or filter moves you along
what weave is woven into song…”

Done waiting

When distilled, what remains Is what stares back Truth that at one long stretch was diluted and reconstituted With joy at finding Entanglement before knowing Face and name This time Remembered Fuzzy as a webbed and dusty Interpreted painting In forgotten and rediscovered halls.

Water Ways:

Water Ways: recounting events drawn from meticulous notes and some actual quotes from writing as a nine-year-old covering the news of a backyard flood in 1982. The sounds of splashing and quacking seemed unusually close as the cool morning breeze swept under the book-wedged window sill. A divine symphony of rain, thunder, and lightning had … Continue reading Water Ways:


Into the river of our becoming flowed silent wishes and whispered longings unbearable grief flowing muddy and opaque leaning towards the dawn and away from the settling of suns constructed realms where I am known by those with love and light and loveliness amber and umber streaking through their eyes until I woke and saw … Continue reading Sinking


I am the stone beneath the wheel of stars. No matter where I stand, I am looking up. I am a feather upon the wind that sings the song of the voiceless. I am the breath that calls forth the thunder and lightning I run along the ground like shadows playing with tumbleweeds, scattering the … Continue reading Mystery

Wild Things

I have taken in wild things before Some fell into my care; all fell unexpectedly there A broken thing ; a weakened one All alone baking in the sun Shrinking wide eyed  into the calling earth I could not walk on and go beyond their pain their need their fear And still respect my every … Continue reading Wild Things

Smoke Trails

A circle as taught Known well Once again Guide the water Through the stone Half below and half above Toes in wet sand Or through the ice Light (at the end) Or Light  Piercing Surrounding Arriving Reaching  Pulling In again. (JETodd 2015)

Cracked Open

And it cracked me open, being thereAmid the field of what was once sowed, now, chillingly dormant In the middle of it all, seeing clearly,(if only momentarily,)That all I needed was that moment-- and it sustained me; fed me, yet cleansed me, and claimed me, as if a spirit ran toward me and screaming--- it … Continue reading Cracked Open

In This Dreaming

Sandy pebbles clung between our toesAnd trees bent over the river joining us in afternoon repose Leaves shadows dancing on life filled cool waterThat chair bowedSitting within it, floating down down, worth the walk to skim past cliffside dwellers dangling and scattering from or towards us but here was coolness.  Survival.Revival of the wilted Bodies and spiritsPlunged … Continue reading In This Dreaming