Silent Injustices

What a terrible series of battering must have happened to make a monster like that; disregarding pain in pleasure, chewing relentlessly on another's confidence and accomplishments... To this dim light dying in the dark, this love; this uncomplicated fuel, is for you. I see you in there. In corners and cracks, under shoes and without … Continue reading Silent Injustices

The Kind of Men Called For

You couldn\'t take a lifeand live, he saidit would wreck your fabric of being-incinerate even;whole wars are fought again and againas we as a nation keep thinking that the best way to resolve conflict is by killingIn our heroes du jour, what kind of men are they calling for?Crafty killers and blood spillers...if killing another was so … Continue reading The Kind of Men Called For


Then let me be Within the misshapenPieces jumbledWithin these insufficient Memories A ghost, a shadowOf once was and could have beenWould it wreck youTo knowWould it wreck meTo knowAll that comes togetherMisshapen and allMay be tears of laughter And soul shaking despairAnd new found fears From the loss of all those yearsAnd to the years left to bea voyeur to … Continue reading Ashes

In This Dreaming

Sandy pebbles clung between our toesAnd trees bent over the river joining us in afternoon repose Leaves shadows dancing on life filled cool waterThat chair bowedSitting within it, floating down down, worth the walk to skim past cliffside dwellers dangling and scattering from or towards us but here was coolness.  Survival.Revival of the wilted Bodies and spiritsPlunged … Continue reading In This Dreaming

Blessings To All, However You Grieve

To the quieter onesWhose sobbing is withinBehind things and what has beenMay you find comfort in chosen sanctuary, As the absence of your lightsgives notice andCasts the longest shadowsIn these our living rooms...Blessings to all, however you grieve.To the humorous and awkwardWhose grieving pulls at their centerAnd sometimes knocks another off their own...May you share your … Continue reading Blessings To All, However You Grieve

Hold Peace

[I was asked to start my grandmothers funeral when the minister was very late. This is a prayer from that day at her grave. She had danced on the site earlier, which was her beautiful way.] Hold peace with integrity when we acknowledge the strength of bonds made here Hold peace within your heart knowing … Continue reading Hold Peace