Ghosts of Olympia Brown

Licking lips she tightened her gripthe wind licked her backa villianous kissmockingly stripping heat & homemade dewin the sharp wind of some cold she knewUnder hand-hewn beams,nothing there was quite as it seemed:tip-toeing thru metallic fields of candlesticks,Buddhas, bouquets, and glittered shapes with wicks; the churchy decor was boxed but a few were eruptinglined up … Continue reading Ghosts of Olympia Brown

Fishing Without Hooks

Yes, once he sunk his teeth into her cheek, she could never fish properly again She thought (even at times was told) that she was smartand was still tricked and driven so easilyby her “girlie” heart and empathic pity;by his overwhelming possessively sad hostilityToo many times becoming a poisoned prick times three everywhere raisedwell to … Continue reading Fishing Without Hooks


Then let me be Within the misshapenPieces jumbledWithin these insufficient Memories A ghost, a shadowOf once was and could have beenWould it wreck youTo knowWould it wreck meTo knowAll that comes togetherMisshapen and allMay be tears of laughter And soul shaking despairAnd new found fears From the loss of all those yearsAnd to the years left to bea voyeur to … Continue reading Ashes

The Last First Time Ever

Across tableAcross coffee, lot, hood, I remember the moment and Where we stoodMy historical markerActivated in automatic ReplayI respond in taken breathWhat shit!That nature provides such late blooming brainsCan no one hear warnings before 25?  I thought I would never forgetWhat good is the memory?That study told it was just like a sip of the oldThat beholden and … Continue reading The Last First Time Ever