Like Institutional Or Parochial Blues

May that frustration be expunged from my soul Of all that I cannot control and of that which is given,May I find appreciation (once again) for the act of giving instead of what was given[I always tried to appreciate before I even undid the ribbon]Now I have these thoughts scarcely hiddenHand me downs and uniformsmuffled creative freedom My expression Told … Continue reading Like Institutional Or Parochial Blues

M*A*S*H Up

Audio Version of M*A*S*H Up "Father Mulcahy (William Christopher), M*A*S*H, 10.03 (1981) Courtesy of An Obsession A Week" Nothing hotter than  Col. Potter Except maybe Father Mulcahy Doing duty to  Man and God Each in their own  -way that's odd And un -usual Rare even  Beyond believin' Revolving around  love And respect And honor And … Continue reading M*A*S*H Up