Then let me be Within the misshapenPieces jumbledWithin these insufficient Memories A ghost, a shadowOf once was and could have beenWould it wreck youTo knowWould it wreck meTo knowAll that comes togetherMisshapen and allMay be tears of laughter And soul shaking despairAnd new found fears From the loss of all those yearsAnd to the years left to bea voyeur to … Continue reading Ashes


RegretIs such a beast.I want to befriend it and tame it to be no more,than my pet.My pet Regret.He may have bit you the other day.I am sorry about that.It\'s wild but not used to being set free.I thought I had it leashed.It\'s such a beast...But it couldn\'t consumethe light sharedWhen at one time we dared,To be quite nicely … Continue reading Beastly


It was supposedTo be worth itIf we would have created A lifeTogetherWorth bending rulesBecause What we had before wasClearly Not what we wantedAnymoreNow there is NothingThough we stackedAll the glasses lovinglyNeatlyCompletely readyFor yearsUntil dust settled One last timeAnd after drinkingFrom themA libation to What could have beenI waited someThen walked awayFrom the skeletal thingsDe-fleshed and hollowAnd in the mirrored viewA foolWho … Continue reading Supposedly