This Leaky Boat

compliments from lying lips were likerain thar pelted and puffedthe once dried crumbs left of the relationship.problem was; she wasnt hungrynor could stomachthat regular bread, after findingtoo many holes in his threadand being some subjector some objecthe declared to be the only one who knew how to singularlyand explicitly explain her to othersto define her … Continue reading This Leaky Boat

Fishing Without Hooks

Yes, once he sunk his teeth into her cheek, she could never fish properly again She thought (even at times was told) that she was smartand was still tricked and driven so easilyby her “girlie” heart and empathic pity;by his overwhelming possessively sad hostilityToo many times becoming a poisoned prick times three everywhere raisedwell to … Continue reading Fishing Without Hooks

For These Recruits

More than a hundred maybe even twothey came and were released like helium balloons roaming clouds but here, here it is not clouds but space where we once sang, and prayed, and we wonder whywe have no place no community spaceto share our grief, our triumphs, no equalled time to gather strength in facing personal … Continue reading For These Recruits

No End

The sweetest sleepIs the one that keeps all burdens releasedwith what will no longer bepossibleno longer \"unstoppable\"all the heaviness dissipatesand with a brief chill beyond chillsthe slipping warmth the quaking betweenthe emptied endbegins again(JETodd 2015)