Declarative Statement (or a lot of -still- ness)

Audio Version: Declarative Statement (or a lot of -still- ness) Photo by Tobi on {yikes} Okay,  that was read on a heavy day with a heavy heart okay, I admit. I don't [want to?] get it   Must mystery be  if we must part please I ask you do not replace  mystery for mystery … Continue reading Declarative Statement (or a lot of -still- ness)


Into the river of our becoming flowed silent wishes and whispered longings unbearable grief flowing muddy and opaque leaning towards the dawn and away from the settling of suns constructed realms where I am known by those with love and light and loveliness amber and umber streaking through their eyes until I woke and saw … Continue reading Sinking

Heavenly Flow

Her only flawImplied her perfectnessProfoundly and it astounded me[we are so fragile and yet there is sheWho has only one flawAnd even still how tinyThis flaw remainsAnd the mountains said allBy what was abstainedAnd links didn\'t meetTo something as completeAs I shuddered and heardMore than you uttered!My word! My dear! My word!The edge crept closeSipping … Continue reading Heavenly Flow


It was supposedTo be worth itIf we would have created A lifeTogetherWorth bending rulesBecause What we had before wasClearly Not what we wantedAnymoreNow there is NothingThough we stackedAll the glasses lovinglyNeatlyCompletely readyFor yearsUntil dust settled One last timeAnd after drinkingFrom themA libation to What could have beenI waited someThen walked awayFrom the skeletal thingsDe-fleshed and hollowAnd in the mirrored viewA foolWho … Continue reading Supposedly


Three ThreeTimes In rhythm and bedlamIn front ofAnd in piecesMostly the important questionsWere not askedThe crushing dense mercurialSadness and a lonenessCurled in imagined waters beneath visible skin stretchedAs some thing lame \"-trying -too -hard\"forced and insincere Lacking properRelationship and working thingsWho listens anyways?She really would like to knowBecause unicorns were not lost but were released