Mica captured moonlight speckling the muddy pathcaught in Tiki [torched] spheres dancing on ground and tree to the tune the wind played in hair tickling and sticking to cooled and painted lip.  Painted in fury after some inquiry of time and preparation.  Tonight declared Goddess Three called I, Myself and Me.  Celebrating who She is, who She was, and who She ever and never will … Continue reading Triquetra

Like Institutional Or Parochial Blues

May that frustration be expunged from my soul Of all that I cannot control and of that which is given,May I find appreciation (once again) for the act of giving instead of what was given[I always tried to appreciate before I even undid the ribbon]Now I have these thoughts scarcely hiddenHand me downs and uniformsmuffled creative freedom My expression Told … Continue reading Like Institutional Or Parochial Blues