Triumphant Fool

Triumphant Fool In the flurry [chaos] of daily deeds [Do not forget] to see each other; to look for each other Everyday Sometimes others slip between [Us and Ours] Surprise each other and yourself Embrace reciprocal random-ness Steer toward/with beauty, truth, love, and purpose It is what we make of all of this I\'m serious … Continue reading Triumphant Fool

Rainy but with Light and Rainbows

That day i sent that long dead thing down the river past memories made And tinted by mud and blood and bone Let me not yawn so long past this; past dawn of ennui and futility I am electrically leaning back and towards Those unfamiliar and \"Other\" doors,found at first by unfamiliar floors- but doorways- … Continue reading Rainy but with Light and Rainbows