Old Lovers

Old lovers; dying to see each otherLovers; dying to see each otherDying to see each otherDying to seeDying;[leaving that corner...misshapened, chilled, hollow]And all I could muster wasIt was a good dreamIt was good to dreamIt was good to dream with youIt was good with youIt was goodIt wasn't good dying It wasn't good dying with … Continue reading Old Lovers

One Day

Audio Version: One Day Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com (One day death will find you and me in some "this-is-out-of-your-control" -way some random unforeseen way!)   So live! live now! today! right now! in every way! for all your days! say your piece! do your thing! and swing! higher than the day before! before … Continue reading One Day


I wouldn\'t know howWas told not to wonder or worry about thatwhen it is all I dolet it go, I didn\'t know,I may not want to knowyour truthgiven anyways springing from catapulted omissionsdriven through banks burstingopenwalls as doors and windows gaping clustered in skeletal defiance of willmystery brimmed in the waking from one dream into dreams … Continue reading Unfantastic

That Darling Dear

When there is no oneHereFor that long stretch of time,Things that are usual and likely expressed suffocate into mumbling in-cohesive mumbles jumbled under breath as the audience not met fails to be there for every reason and no reason at all,Just nobody where intimacy live(d)(s) but certain unconcern even in the obvious struggleLack of courage or too much comfort of one\'s bubble … Continue reading That Darling Dear