Obvious One

Yes just onecatching some alone timemeditatinglistening to noisespretending they\'re wordsmaybe claiming to understandthose from the birdsor something absurd.dedicating some time to mejust shethat winds on and on and onabout this feeling or that inkling of jars full of what we need, therebut somehow out of reachwho may I beseech but some noble and flawed god,under squeaky cries and … Continue reading Obvious One

eMotional Baggage

In my throatAnd between front and backA shuttering as if a leashed animal tugs at my centerFeel me! they each sayAt once without turn nor patienceA never ending race in certain placesOf the lost and confused, forgotten, and undoneI am so sorryThat I cannot hear nor help every one.The larger the world becomes The louder the humThe … Continue reading eMotional Baggage