Fishing Without Hooks

Yes, once he sunk his teeth into her cheek, she could never fish properly again She thought (even at times was told) that she was smartand was still tricked and driven so easilyby her “girlie” heart and empathic pity;by his overwhelming possessively sad hostilityToo many times becoming a poisoned prick times three everywhere raisedwell to … Continue reading Fishing Without Hooks

Not Forgotten

Everyday that you thoughtThat I had forgotten youI instead was WithdrawnWithin walls and work and motherhoodSending out what I needed also Being what I couldHidden through hooded viewas scornfull remains of some other day(s) werekept by another for rebirthing;a projectingDefining meAnd All of them tasting and twisting with repulsionThat taste that [finally!] ends in this/my melancholic but … Continue reading Not Forgotten

Cracked Open

And it cracked me open, being thereAmid the field of what was once sowed, now, chillingly dormant In the middle of it all, seeing clearly,(if only momentarily,)That all I needed was that moment-- and it sustained me; fed me, yet cleansed me, and claimed me, as if a spirit ran toward me and screaming--- it … Continue reading Cracked Open