Done waiting

When distilled, what remains Is what stares back Truth that at one long stretch was diluted and reconstituted With joy at finding Entanglement before knowing Face and name This time Remembered Fuzzy as a webbed and dusty Interpreted painting In forgotten and rediscovered halls.

Old Lovers

Old lovers; dying to see each otherLovers; dying to see each otherDying to see each otherDying to seeDying;[leaving that corner...misshapened, chilled, hollow]And all I could muster wasIt was a good dreamIt was good to dreamIt was good to dream with youIt was good with youIt was goodIt wasn't good dying It wasn't good dying with … Continue reading Old Lovers

Silent Injustices

What a terrible series of battering must have happened to make a monster like that; disregarding pain in pleasure, chewing relentlessly on another's confidence and accomplishments... To this dim light dying in the dark, this love; this uncomplicated fuel, is for you. I see you in there. In corners and cracks, under shoes and without … Continue reading Silent Injustices

Declarative Statement (or a lot of -still- ness)

Audio Version: Declarative Statement (or a lot of -still- ness) Photo by Tobi on {yikes} Okay,  that was read on a heavy day with a heavy heart okay, I admit. I don't [want to?] get it   Must mystery be  if we must part please I ask you do not replace  mystery for mystery … Continue reading Declarative Statement (or a lot of -still- ness)

Rehearsing Exit

Audio Version: Rehearsing Exit Photo by ready made on   In the light Morning dust Dancing swirling falling Stirred by our breath Mingling  A moment encapsulated All that was   [With your final farewell] [I am unable to tell Just how far I fell]   This happening happened Are you alright?! Am I okay? … Continue reading Rehearsing Exit


Into the river of our becoming flowed silent wishes and whispered longings unbearable grief flowing muddy and opaque leaning towards the dawn and away from the settling of suns constructed realms where I am known by those with love and light and loveliness amber and umber streaking through their eyes until I woke and saw … Continue reading Sinking


RegretIs such a beast.I want to befriend it and tame it to be no more,than my pet.My pet Regret.He may have bit you the other day.I am sorry about that.It\'s wild but not used to being set free.I thought I had it leashed.It\'s such a beast...But it couldn\'t consumethe light sharedWhen at one time we dared,To be quite nicely … Continue reading Beastly


Fractured is the best way to describe the functioning (?)the tick in her expression, the clink in the engineall because of the fracture chipped and cleavedseparated but alivelike the worm dividedwiggles awkward tho (some how)successfully on...Despite its endless longingfor wholenessin spite of what cannot be undoneSuch a small divide at firstsome called it hairlinehere then theresoon obvious to … Continue reading Fraction


This Plainly Jane-d juggernaut dreaming Worlds of kind living yet still one of losing, but instead of life and wonder, it would be just little things like keys and minds in ecstatic jubilation  We touched and changed Each other in the clothes we wore  Out and about  Jiggling free and kind of creepily But very … Continue reading Juggernaut