At last, a breath so deep it was taken in and felt as brightly cold and bold as water running down and through roots; replenishing forgotten limbs and toes and head and threads of hopeless whithered ends swelling; reviving; resurrecting! For So long, we have been misplaced; For So long, that we forgot This taste; … Continue reading Optimist


Mica captured moonlight speckling the muddy pathcaught in Tiki [torched] spheres dancing on ground and tree to the tune the wind played in hair tickling and sticking to cooled and painted lip.  Painted in fury after some inquiry of time and preparation.  Tonight declared Goddess Three called I, Myself and Me.  Celebrating who She is, who She was, and who She ever and never will … Continue reading Triquetra


All that I knewwas I wanted to spend time with younot just long agoin another time and in another space There is no folding or bendingaloud\'Tis up to the godsor by some equal (-led) gracemany to oneone might say and by some other\'s embrace be tempted byan offer to praywhat ever it neededwhat ever it tookYes, yesby all meansdo everything … Continue reading Interviewed