Declarative Statement (or a lot of -still- ness)

Audio Version: Declarative Statement (or a lot of -still- ness) Photo by Tobi on {yikes} Okay,  that was read on a heavy day with a heavy heart okay, I admit. I don't [want to?] get it   Must mystery be  if we must part please I ask you do not replace  mystery for mystery … Continue reading Declarative Statement (or a lot of -still- ness)

Unexpected Diffidence Post Transmission

Slight fingers of ice crept down the house;drips slowly frozen againSeemingly in motionAt one time other than nowThere is nothing to be heardhanging on that last word{wondering} if I will be answeredOr Have I become considered silly or insane or trouble(d)or needing to stay with the [rubble], clean out of -that- bubble?hope standing on endas a willow-ed bendthe wait is … Continue reading Unexpected Diffidence Post Transmission