Water Ways:

Water Ways: recounting events drawn from meticulous notes and some actual quotes from writing as a nine-year-old covering the news of a backyard flood in 1982. The sounds of splashing and quacking seemed unusually close as the cool morning breeze swept under the book-wedged window sill. A divine symphony of rain, thunder, and lightning had … Continue reading Water Ways:

Silent Injustices

What a terrible series of battering must have happened to make a monster like that; disregarding pain in pleasure, chewing relentlessly on another's confidence and accomplishments... To this dim light dying in the dark, this love; this uncomplicated fuel, is for you. I see you in there. In corners and cracks, under shoes and without … Continue reading Silent Injustices


Into the river of our becoming flowed silent wishes and whispered longings unbearable grief flowing muddy and opaque leaning towards the dawn and away from the settling of suns constructed realms where I am known by those with love and light and loveliness amber and umber streaking through their eyes until I woke and saw … Continue reading Sinking

In This Dreaming

Sandy pebbles clung between our toesAnd trees bent over the river joining us in afternoon repose Leaves shadows dancing on life filled cool waterThat chair bowedSitting within it, floating down down, worth the walk to skim past cliffside dwellers dangling and scattering from or towards us but here was coolness.  Survival.Revival of the wilted Bodies and spiritsPlunged … Continue reading In This Dreaming