And when she finally began, it poured out
Waves lapped the fine sand
its tiny world violently
rhythmically as the blood pumping

Within the distance you turned
and the air went with you
Having mask in hand
gasping I was ready
we had our chance
maybe two
in this great expanse
you know as well as I do
It\’s not enough to be bitten
it\’s about getting detangled, re-rooting and fitting

an exasperate sigh separated and saluted
that which spontaneously fruited
sour and mysterious
more shocked than curious
your elasticine snap
slapped this silly

and you disappeared
(may that be gently played out)  
Here we sit with fears
made of smiles, tears;
after y e a r s
of struggle and compromise;
after beauty and magic
our circle

and at this end: a blue light
once flickering
beneath waters where
castles slipped away . , , . .

(JETodd 2015)

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