Is such a beast.
I want to befriend it 
and tame it 
to be no more,
than my pet.
My pet Regret.

He may have bit you 
the other day.
I am sorry about that.
It\’s wild but not used 
to being set free.
I thought I had it leashed.
It\’s such a beast…

But it couldn\’t consume
the light shared
When at one time we dared,
To be quite nicely paired.
All in mythical made up places that 
we called our own,
when we were,
in each other , 
calling it all
our home.

So drag it along 
or set it all free.
It\’s now that we 
May figure out 
Just how to be,
Integrity kept,
With that pet Regret,
And you and me.
No agendas set, 
Only please no more
Of this beastly Regret.

We cannot be as we were,
But who said 
it is the only way
To be you and me.
If you carry me forward,
May it be as we are,
Without threat, nor worry,
Nor obligation or outlandish concerns.
And Regret leashed or set free
 to the beyond 
Far from that which is 
Now you,
And now me.

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