Full Grin Spin

Like a 3D word search popping; saying and suggesting things I like and spinning this thing into a new center between this time of now and later; this place of here and there; 'what ifs' writing scenes where I wonder if standing by that tree, I can imagine your grandness before me; getting dizzy, looking … Continue reading Full Grin Spin

The Poetry Unwritten

Audio Version Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com Revealing the sense of beingunder-listened-to Or mis-under-stood, of Standing under unwilling or incapable earsAdmitting reluctantly All the yearsUntil just before sinking into tearsof mine and others creationSome great lack of elationBrought to shores poundingWithout hesitationSomething forgottenBeneath the rotten was this!This;The new landscape dreamt of starting with sweet … Continue reading The Poetry Unwritten

Never in my life

Audio Version: Never In My Life Photo by Jhefferson Santos on Pexels.com Never in my life Have I found that staying up-to-date on current events  so infuriating so disturbing  to my ideals and my love for humanity...  Some days it feels difficult to breathe.  May the light break through the damaged places  that we - … Continue reading Never in my life

On the Banks He Stood

Audio Version: On the Banks He Stood Photo by Marstion on Pexels.com On the banks he stood Far apart but on the root Of that which held her and him up And out like a hat brim tipped The willow leg stretched and dipped Through silt, and muck Looking as stuck As she was once … Continue reading On the Banks He Stood

One Day

Audio Version: One Day Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com (One day death will find you and me in some "this-is-out-of-your-control" -way some random unforeseen way!)   So live! live now! today! right now! in every way! for all your days! say your piece! do your thing! and swing! higher than the day before! before … Continue reading One Day

I Wouldn’t Know How

Audio Version: I Wouldn't Know How Photo by Du01b0u01a1ng Nhu00e2n on Pexels.com I wouldn't know howWas told not to wonderor worry about thatwhen it is all I dolet it go, I didn't know,I may not want to knowyour truthgiven anyways springing from catapulted omissionsdriven through banks burstingopenwalls as doors and windows gaping clustered in skeletal … Continue reading I Wouldn’t Know How

It Would Have Been Better

Audio Version: It Would Have Been Better Photo by Felipe Cespedes on Pexels.com It would have been better That you had lost interest in me Or run off with a gorgeous person Or with the circus Or to have been reselling my workOr flushing me down a toilet Or to have simply forgotten me Than … Continue reading It Would Have Been Better


Possible I guess I'll just have to Put that in my pipe and smoke it then, huh. Playing all cards Final pleads, calling forth Past credentials Exclaiming wildest truths or Those serving truths Promising Future Forward thinking [without blinking] No Compromising Take on all Be that man Who lifts the whole team up And still … Continue reading Possible


Resolved -D- -U- -N- Done! thats that c'est fini just like that obstinee arrete c'est ca au revoir Qu'elle que chose qu'est- ce que si fait je ne sais pas 11/13/18

Puddle Duck

Photo by Andre Moura on Pexels.com Humbled as Molasses Awestruck. Your way is sweet and pothole deep. It catches me  with syrupy mesmerize-ation. Black strapped-ly complex stuck in between everything, known or dreamt.   You're Muse embodied.   Distracting and welcomed. Conflicted and twisting, you could be trouble for me; or I for you.   … Continue reading Puddle Duck