Super Suits

You still are in possession of those powers
to heave me -opened belly-up, with a sideways and unexpected glance,
and this time your kind flattery implies missing
this silly overgrown patch of flirtatious and fatigued letters and regrets.
I denied believing that I wouldn\’t stop thinking of it- or you-
until I acted, first re-acting/ reversing my logic
All that stops and starts it,
is your words and mine
But what is fear but what we breath and bathe in everyday
that is, when we are not violently Rushing to serve or escape
the Almighty BUSINESS MAN
as order and chaos compels, you\’ll find me
Making Super Suits
for others to escape in or try avoiding their chagrin
in costumes and cartoons, more real than me.
Resisting Urges to RUN< Run< RUN!
some direction untried
as this world comes undone
To fly fearlessly through
Bars and Windows that leave fleshy bits in.
To cover and hide
Behind silence and sighs
of unanswered doors
(or prayers)
To throw down masqueraded gauntlets
to ration news
to obliterate blues
To keep the giblets
To pause for crickets
To disbelieve that we have
everything we need
To believe in just anything
To take or not take those unnecessary risks
when nose to nose with our fears
This world tips darkly toward
hopeless hoards and alternate endings
to every story we thought we could steady
The turning repeats
a hiccup of defeat
a defeat that should be reserved for the elite.

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