The courage taken
to stand 
before you
the nerves upended
to be suspended
in time 
before you
in hopes not to bore
And not be judged by what I wore

I have only been honest
sharing my weakness
for the good of the whole
why would you throw
anger and contempt
at an incomplete story
you had obviously not heard
a single word
for what was meant
perseverating on what you thought 
you heard
instead of what was really wrought
undid by your own comment and 
cry in the name of science.

I recede, concede
let it all just bleed
it is only the church 
and not the campus
that you laid out 
and stamped on us.
May it not be the undoing
May we not call it a bust
and send it all into dust
by severing 
our umbilical of trust.

(2015, J.E. Todd)

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