(small town)

She got her wish
but it was the one she hadn\’t thought out well enough
in fact it turned out to be
something else entirely
not fluffy and nostalgic
but rusty wired and narrow
suffering from more than one arrow
narrowly escaping I,
indeed one was tragically lost,
before even called our second dear
this is my heart holding
that soul\’s tear
the kind held
for all your years

But is it that God was not enough to stop it,
and if SHe was not that thoughtful or powerful
then She\’s (or He\’s) better not to be?

Our desire creates as Our hatred destroys
but we creatures die for every [real and made-up] reason
and for no reason at all.
No one has enough pieces in my opinion
for one complete view-
thoughts layered as onions-
Earthly Being:
nurtured, molded, crafted, creature-to-be;
never done; always in the making;
through chaos, and pain;
in our loving and giving,
we keep striving.
In our living and dying
It is both beautiful and distasteful in all its
continued turnings
and hopeful continued \’learnings\’

Let our grief shape us into life loving people.
Mystery and Death are of the same [marrow and ]arrow
as Life and Breath
And of all that crept before and since
you knew your sense
This is, nimble or not,
the draw, aim, release,
and flight

of this, often shortened life.

(JETodd 2015)

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